Microbioreactor’s disposable 48-well microtiter plate features online measurements of four parameters and, at the same time, controls pH and feeding rates through micro-valves and micro-channels. These microfluidic components realize continuous feeding and pH control on a microtiter plate format. The feeding modes can be constant, linear, exponential or triggered by signal. Everything is part of the gamma-radiated, ready-to-use plate. By using microfluidic chip technology, extremely exact and slow dosing – down to 50 µL – can be realized. Two reservoir wells per four individually-controllable cultivation reactors are available. Altogether, 32 bioreactor wells and 16 reservoir wells are placed on one plate.

  • Research Name Organic Synthesis
  • Client Envato Pvt Ltd
  • Category Screening
  • RESEARCH TYPE Stipulated Price

Challenge & Solution

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